• Rhinoplasty Alternative Using Dermal Fillers

    Popular facial fillers, Restylane and Radiesse, may be used as a non-surgical rhinoplasty option.

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  • FDA Approves BOTOX To Treat Migraines

    A pioneer in using BOTOX for therapeutic procedures, Dr. William J. Binder applauds the FDA's recent approval of the neurotoxin to trea...

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  • Does The Zerona Laser Treatment Melt Belly Fat?

    Non-invasive laser treatment, Zerona, reduces fat all over the body, including difficult to treat belly fat.

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  • Cosmetic Procedures For Baby Boomers On The Rise

    Patients over 50 are taking advantage of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures to look and feel their best.

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  • With Summer Bidding Adieu, Facial Rejuvenation Proced...

    Following trends reported by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, facial rejuvenation will see an increase after the close of ...

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More Local Aesthetic News...
Mommy Makeover Gives Moms Motivation for Improved Quality of Life

Mommy makeover is often times an unexpected jump-start to a new life for Orange County moms. Health and beauty are a focal point in this part of the country and many new moms are devastated by the toll pregnancy takes on their bodies. This can lead them into a state of depression, which can result in a lack of motivation and desire to participate in social and physical activities. "I truly believe that mommy makeover is a life-changing procedure. When the patients see their new and improved bodies, they radiate with confidence, happiness, and motivation to tackle the world," mentions Dr. Cruise, Orange County Plastic Surgeon.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Combination

Recent findings prove that the chin augmentation and rhinoplasty combination procedure is one of the best choices for patients who are looking for natural-looking, long-term results from cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon who services patients from Newport Beach and Orange County, has long held the belief that combination procedures provide some of the most ideal results. One of the main reasons that this combination procedure is so effective is the fact that it helps to keep the face completely proportioned. The nose and chin make up most of a person's facial profile, so it only makes sense to alter both of these facial features at the same time.

Increase in Neck Lifts in California

Dr. Kevin Sadati, a facial plastic surgeon based out of Orange County, has noticed that the neck lift procedure is becoming more popular among both male and female patients. "The neck lift procedure is a simple surgery that has profound results. I recommend that all patients who are interested in the facelift procedure consider the option of adding the neck lift to the operation. Ultimately, most patients are more happy with their results when they include the additional procedure," explained Dr. Kevin Sadati.

Top 10 Tips for Shinier, Fuller Hair

When women are dissatisfied with how their hair appears, they are less likely to feel confident at work and in social situations. Two of the biggest hair care complaints among American women are a lack of shine and diminished body and thickness, both of which can occur due to damage to the tresses and the effects of aging. The latest article by BeautyResearch.com, Top 10 Tips for Shinier, Fuller Hair, discusses simple methods of improving the appearance of the hair by enhancing both its luster and thickness.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center In Corona

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center, already popular in Hollywood and other parts of California has now opened a new branch in Corona. The Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center offers a whole range of complimentary consultation and hair solutions for men and women in its new outlet in Corona, California.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Newport Beach Website Launched

Dr. Kevin Sadati, a renowned facial plastic surgeon in the Orange County region, recently launched a new website titled CosmeticPlasticSurgeryNewportBeach.com. "I feel that, with CosmeticPlasticSurgeryNewportBeach.com, patients will find that there is finally one place they can go to get all of the resources they need in order to make an informed decision for themselves," explained Dr. Kevin Sadati.

Life-Changing Surgery on a Woman with Disfiguring Tumor on Nose

Twenty-seven year old Sarah Simmering has dealt with an enormous, disfiguring tumor on her nose. The benign tumor, known as Rhinophyma, grew hideously large over time and caused years of daily ridicule and bullying. Dr. Kevin Sadati and Dr. Arian Mowlavi, renowned California cosmetic surgeons, performed a life-changing surgery on Sarah. With the tumor finally removed, the patient no longer has to face the constant snickers, stares and bullying that she dealt with for so many years.

Dr. Kevin Sadati Launches New Nose Job Website

Facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati launched his new website NoseJobRecovery.com. This website allows Orange County patients to learn about the many different types of rhinoplasty procedures that Dr. Kevin Sadati offers as well as inform patients about the recovery process after the operation is complete.

See Yourself After Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, has recently updated his Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery iPhone app and iPad app. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery app offers patients with Apple devices access to many different features, such as before and after photo galleries, articles about cosmetic surgery procedures that are available at Dr. Kevin Sadati's practice and appointment scheduling. Patients also can modify their own pictures and see what they might look like if they had a particular cosmetic surgery procedure performed by expert ENT surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati.

New Classification System for Varying Types of Gynecomastia

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise of Cruise Plastic Surgery, has developed a classification system, which separates each type of Gynecomastia, the cause and severity, to better educate his Los Angeles gynecomastia patients, as well as effectively treat their symptoms. The goal is to prevent the need for repeat gynecomastia surgery resulting from unsatisfactory results. Too often, surgeons address most types of gynecomastia with liposuction alone, which may leave behind some residual breast tissue that often has to be removed as a secondary procedure.

Dr. Kevin Sadati, Launched New Web Site

Dr. Kevin Sadati, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, announced the release of their new website. The website contains details of the various procedures can be found alongside before and after photos and testimonials from former patients.

New Silicone Implant for Post-Weight Loss Patients

The FDA approved a new shaped silicone implant, the Mentor MemoryShape, According to the plastic surgeons at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery, specialists in breast augmentation in Sacramento, shaped breast implants such as these are a good option for women seeking reconstructive breast surgery after massive weight loss.

Dentistry Deals with Aging Face Best

Santa Monica dentist Dr. Sam Muslin, announced the development of a new dental protocol called Face-lift Dentistry, a health and cosmetic dental strategy. Face-lift Dentistry does not incorporate surgery or repeated injections like typical facial procedures associated with plastic surgery.

Open Rhinoplasty Fact Sheet

Open rhinoplasty only requires a very small incision between the two nostrils. This simple incision allows the surgeon to lift the nasal skin above the structure of the nose, exposing the inner portion and giving the surgeon the most visibility and accessibility. Renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati has used his blog to recently provide patients with the facts about open rhinoplasty.

Gynecomastia is the Top Procedure Among Teenagers

According to a new report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon Gynecomastia Surgery is the number one procedure performed on teenagers in 2012. The largest number of surgeries occur between the ages of 13-19. Gynecomastia among men is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery.

Keep Blemishes at Bay

Acne is a widespread dermatological concern that affects millions of women. For many people, acne is a common occurrence that is both unsightly and uncomfortable. Because of the prevalence of acne, many skin care companies have developed products that address the different causes of chronic acne. The latest article by BeautyResearch.com, Top Tips for Keeping Blemishes at Bay, discusses how women can formulate a healthy skin care regimen using these types of formulas.

Activities After a Rhinoplasty

Facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati feels that medical professionals have a responsibility to educate patients about the cosmetic surgery experience. Dr. Sadati published a tip sheet on his blog about the types of activities that patients can and cannot participate in after their rhinoplasty procedure. In order for the patient to achieve the best possible results, patients need to follow all guidelines and instructions that their surgeon gives them. The average patient spends 7-10 days recovering from a nose job.

Breast Augmentation Patients Now Have Access to Fully Enhanced Photo Library

Cruise Plastic Surgery, located in Orange County, has created extensive photo libraries, videos, and a mentoring program to assist their breast augmentation patients in choosing implants that will give them the results they desire. Dr. Cruise and his staff utilize their innovative strategies to better educate patients and help them choose the ideal size, so they are fully satisfied following their breast augmentation surgery.

INFINI - Ideal Solution for Wrinkle Reduction

LUTRONIC INFINI received FDA clearance and is now available for sale in the USA. "Infini's proven design delivers improved wrinkle reduction through 3-dimensional energy delivery to volumize tissue and deliver improved outcomes for a broad range of skin types, including darker skin types and tanned skin," said R. Glen Calderhead, PhD and Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Lutronic.

Freshen up Your Skin

A woman is more likely to carry herself with confidence; when her face feels fresh and clean. However, it can be difficult to stay fresh faced throughout the course of an entire day due to the effects of the environment. The latest article by BeautyResearch.com, Best Ways to Freshen up your Skin, discusses the issue of skin freshness and provides tips for keeping the complexion looking and feeling its best.