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Fresno Cosmetic Surgery Practice Offers New Facial Rejuvenation Technique

2010-07-22 15:58:00

Now offering PRP facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Quita Lopez is able to rejuvenate the face and build collagen naturally. This new treatment is an exciting alternative to facial rejuvenation using fat transfer or injectable fillers.

Fresno cosmetic surgeon Dr. Quita Lopez is now offering a more natural facial rejuvenation technique as an alternative to injectable fillers and fat transfers. The technique, called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), has been used by other fields in medicine to accelerate the healing process after injury. Now, it's being used by this local cosmetic surgeon to restore the skin's appearance by increasing the skin's natural collagen production, making the skin look younger, firmer and more even.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation Dr. Quita Lopez
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"My goal is to bring the latest cosmetic procedures to my patients," Dr. Lopez explains. "That's why I'm very excited to offer Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenation. The process is safe, non-invasive and effective. No incisions need to be made and it's a great alternative for those who want results that look very natural."

Dr. Lopez recommends PRP rejuvenation to her patients who are considering cosmetic surgery in Fresno in part because the treatment utilizes the patient's own blood, thereby negating any allergy or infection concerns. A platelet-rich gel is specially prepared and then injected into the face, hands or other regions being treated. Platelets play a large roll in the body's natural healing process, so when injected under damaged skin, they naturally work to regenerate the tissue. Ultimately, the skin begins to repair itself with visible results in as little as 3 weeks and the final results occurring about 3 months after the procedure.

"The process is not as immediate as some other cosmetic treatments," notes Dr. Lopez. "But the results do last and the recovery is easy. Some patients may experience some swelling afterwards, but this is only temporary. One treatment can last a long time, but patients will need to have further injections down the line to maintain the results."

After the PRP injections, microderm roller therapy or needling is performed to increase penetration. The treatment can be repeated with the platelet-poor portion of the PRP draw a few months after the initial treatment. This improves skin texture and enhances collagen buildup. For many patients, having 1 to 2 treatments will allow them to enjoy noticeable results for a couple of years. PRP therapy can be performed on the neck, chest and hands as well as the face.

PRP can be performed without any other procedure to improve the appearance of a patient's complexion or it can be performed with other procedures to amplify their results. For Dr. Lopez's Fresno face lift patients, PRP can be used to further treat fine wrinkles and to maintain the results of the face lift. What's more, similarly to how PRP is used to treat trauma, injecting the skin with platelets can aid in the recovery process after another cosmetic surgery procedure.

"PRP can be a very effective addition to other procedures because of its natural healing qualities," says Dr. Lopez. "Plus, it's not a volumetric filler; it simply kick-starts your body's natural regeneration process to restore your appearance. There's no need for fillers or surgery. PRP facial rejuvenation shows how far we've come in aesthetic medicine, and it shows the potential for more natural types of restoration for our aging bodies."

About Dr. Quita Lopez

Dr. Quita Lopez is a dedicated Fresno cosmetic surgeon who performs a wide variety of procedures such as body contouring, breast enhancement, facial sculpting and medical spa services. As a long-time Central Valley resident, Dr. Lopez established her practice in Fresno, California after earning her medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco in 1984 and her undergraduate degree at UCLA. Dr. Lopez is a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a Fellow of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. She has worked closely with experts in her field to fine-tune her skills as a cosmetic surgeon and she is committed to providing individualized care and education to her patients.

About Aesthetic Laser Center

Dr. Quita Lopez offers cosmetic surgery in Fresno including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction, as well as medical spa services such as laser hair removal and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Her office serves all of the California Central Valley including Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, Selma, Dinuba, Sanger, Visalia, Hanford, Madera, Oakhurst, Merced and Los Banos.

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