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Does The Zerona Laser Treatment Melt Belly Fat?

2010-10-12 16:19:00

Non-invasive laser treatment, Zerona, reduces fat all over the body, including difficult to treat belly fat.

As a slew of FDA approvals for non-invasive body contouring are released, patients are curious as to how and if they work. One of the few that was recently approved by the FDA is the low level laser treatment, Zerona. Completely non-invasive, Zerona is ideal for patients who are not ready for surgery.

San Mateo Zerona Before and After Pictures Dr. Joel Beck
Actual Zerona Results of Dr. Joel Beck
After 6 Sessions

According to Bay Area Zerona provider Dr. Joel Beck, "The way that the Zerona works is it causes fat cells to create pores where it expels its contents, causing the fat cell to shrink." Dr. Beck goes on to describe the device, "The Zerona laser looks like a spider. At the end of each of the arms, there's a laser that spins around in circles that we use to pinpoint on the body the specific area (for fat reduction)."

San Mateo Zerona Results Dr. Joel Beck
Zerona Before and After Photos
Treatment consists of 6 sessions over 2 weeks. Patients lie beneath the laser for 40 minutes: 20 minutes per side. And while the laser may be pointed at one part of the body, the inches lost are across the body. Dr. Beck says, "This is a one stop shop: you can affect multiple areas despite only focusing it on one specific part of your body." Since the procedure is completely non-invasive, there is no pain or downtime associated with Zerona. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatments.

An important part of determining whether Zerona is for you is largely managing expectations. Unlike liposuction, Zerona does not remove fat so results are not dramatic and immediate. Most physicians recommend Zerona as a part of a lifestyle change, including dieting and exercising after the procedure to maintain results and keep the weight off. However, Zerona is excellent for patients who have that last bit of fat that stubbornly resists healthy living.

Caitlin, a patient of Dr. Beck, remarks about her Zerona results, "With the Zerona treatments, I lost 7 inches - and a pants size!"

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